We NEVER charge you ANYTHING.

We do not collect your personal data. However, if a potential collaboration may start, we need to know your age—you must be at least 18 years old—and we need to know your location, at least in broad terms, in order to arrange collaboration between you and the artist.

If physical presence is needed, all interactions between the model and the artist occur in public spaces. If a particular work requires presence at a studio, these studios are located in safe locations. Most projects take place in public galleries, shopping centers, public streets, etc., with dedicated areas for preparations. Moreover, you may opt not to participate in any project you don’t feel comfortable with, or stop any collaboration at any point in time. All aspects of collaboration for particular projects are negotiated between you and the artist beforehand. Some projects don’t require physical presence at all; for instance, only photos or short videos may be required.

NOTE: Artists, both male and female, just like models, care for their safety, reputation, and possible legal issues. Therefore, artists can also refuse or stop any collaboration at any time.

Upon receiving your portfolio, we first sort it by location. Therefore, it’s advised to include the approximate area of your residence in the subject line of your email, like country/city. In the body of the email, specify whether you prefer to participate in online projects, in-person projects, or both. We then review your portfolio and search for a possible match based on current requests from artists. If a match is found, we contact you with the details. If everything is agreeable, we provide your contact information (email address) to the artist, and further collaboration occurs directly between you two. However, if at any point you need additional assistance, you may contact us.

NOTE: Even though all projects are managed by individual artists and not by diverseartmodels.com (as it’s just a platform for collaboration), we coordinate the first contact ONLY with artists with whom we have had long-term positive experiences prior to creating this platform.

NOTE 2: We do not guarantee that upon your submission we will find a match right away. If, under certain circumstances, we find a match after a prolonged time, we will contact you to see if you are still interested and whether there have been significant changes, like your location or appearance. Some emails might be lost due to human or technical errors, so if you think no one has responded, feel free to send the email again. The same applies if you believe you have acquired more interesting photos of yourself.

Some projects feature only certain parts of the body, or those parts may be covered by props, shadows, hands, or hair. Other projects employ techniques in which portions of individuals are artistically hidden, covered, or digitally altered beyond recognition.

Compensation for modeling projects can vary significantly depending on various factors. While many assignments offer notable financial rewards, some opportunities might not include monetary compensation. The reasons for this can vary and may include:

In scenarios where there are several models who could potentially fit a project’s needs, a multi-stage selection process or skills assessment may be implemented by the artist. This ensures that the chosen model aligns perfectly with the artistic vision and requirements of the project. Although only one model may secure the role, the selection process itself is an invaluable learning experience, offering insight into the competitive nature of the industry and what can be improved for future opportunities.

Portfolio Building: Particularly for newer models, some projects aim to help you build a robust portfolio. These opportunities provide high-quality photos, valuable experience, and exposure, which can be beneficial whether you’re just starting out or refreshing an established portfolio.

Networking: Unpaid projects often facilitate opportunities to collaborate with photographers, stylists, makeup artists, and other industry professionals. Participating in these projects can help you establish valuable connections that may lead to paid opportunities in the future.

Brand Exposure: Some projects, especially those affiliated with reputable brands or publications, may not offer direct payment but can provide significant exposure. Being featured in such projects can considerably elevate your profile within the modeling world.

Experience and Evaluation: Every project offers an opportunity to gain experience, hone your skills, and allows both the model and the artist to evaluate the potential for future collaborations. In some cases, the initial project acts as a stepping stone to more lucrative, paid opportunities down the line.

Future Opportunities: Unpaid projects often serve as an introduction, and if both parties find the collaboration beneficial, they can pave the way for future paid opportunities.

All terms, including details about compensation, are negotiated before the project starts. This allows the model to make an informed decision about participation.

Nudity in art has a long-standing tradition, tracing back to ancient civilizations where it was used to represent ideals of beauty, strength, vulnerability, and the human experience. Over the centuries, artists have employed nudity not merely as a subject but as a powerful tool to convey a spectrum of emotions, narratives, and sociopolitical commentaries. In the realm of fine arts, nudity often transcends the superficial and aims to capture the essence of humanity—our aspirations, vulnerabilities, and life stories. It’s essential to approach such artworks with an open mind, understanding that the intention is usually deeper than the mere portrayal of the human form.

There are some artistic projects that include forms of nudity. However, many projects offer privacy, as faces or any identifiable features such as tattoos are not visible, covered, cropped, or hidden in various ways.